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Candle diffuser

The candle diffuser refers to the use of tea light or candles to gently heat essential oil to promote the diffusion of essential oils in the room. Candle diffusers are usually ceramic or metal. The diffuser has an opening or an open space to put candles on, with a small bowl or tray filled with a small amount of essential oil. From the most basic function to both as a work of art and as a candle diffuser, the candle diffuser can have many shapes and many colors.


Candle diffuser Because of the style and design generally no atomization diffuser is expensive, the candle diffuser does not need electricity or batteries.


Use candle diffuser to be as careful as using candles. At the same time, have a spare candle handy. Because heat may alter or destroy certain components of essential oils, there is no good way to diffuse the effect with air conditioning.