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Candle Diffusion method

Light a candle and let it burn for about 5 minutes and then extinguish it. Drop 1 drops of essential oil in the melted wax (not the candle) and then light the candle again. Because essential oils are highly flammable, be careful.

Advantage: If there is a candle, it can be applied at any time.

Cons: Be careful to burn. The aromatic diffusion time is relatively short. The fire may then damage the composition of some essential oils, making it less effective.

This diffuser is used to heat the essential oil with a small candle to let the aromatic release. Usually the candle diffuser is made of clay or metal. Under the diffuser there is a larger space for candles, and then there is a small bowl or saucer-shaped container that is used to put essential oils. The candle diffuser has many different shapes and colors. Some can even be used to make decorations.