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Cold Fog Diffuser

Fog is the use of compressed air and pressurized water to achieve atomization. Pressurized water is injected into the exhaust nozzle of the compressed air stream. When compressed air is discharged from the nozzle, the potential energy of the compressed air is converted into kinetic energy and transmitted to the injected water. The fast-moving gas-water mixture undergoes pressure fluctuations and turbulence, causing the water to break into atomized droplets. Finally, water mist, mist, mist, mist, like clouds in the mountains.

The cold fog system is a high-tech electromechanical integration equipment for water mist, and the industrial high-pressure host will purify and pressurize the water to 4.5MPa above, through the high-pressure pipe to the high pressure water through the gem firing pin nozzle impact changed the velocity distribution of the jet cross-section, so that large particles of liquid droplets into small particles, small particles in the aerodynamic effect of further two atomization into countless diameter $number micron "fine Fog" "micro-Fog", floating in the air at the same time absorb the heat in the air, from liquid to gaseous, so that the air humidity increased, At the same time reduce the air temperature-this is the COOLFOG cold fog system humidification and cooling working principle, this process is the enthalpy humidification cooling process. So when the amount of dust in the air is large, then the dust will be due to the combination of water and water to the ground--this is the COOLFOG industrial cold fog system to dust the working principle. At the same time because of the very fine fog particles, water vapor and air can be fully effective contact, the air harmful gas is also soluble in water mist-this is COOLFOG industrial cold fog system to purify the working principle of air.