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Diffuser principle

Diffuser, an important part of the F1 Racing Aerodynamics kit, is as critical as the front-fixed wind wing. The diffuser is one of the main sources of pressure on the F1 car, according to the data: it produces under pressure, which accounts for 40% of the total body pressure.


The diffuser mainly utilizes the principle of the fluid velocity and the pressure inversely, the airflow of the bottom of the racing chassis is sorted out quickly, which increases the speed of the lower airflow of the car chassis, thus forming the low-pressure zone to enhance the effect of the car under pressure.


The image of the understanding is the rapid diffusion of air to export, accelerate the flow of airflow. The higher the airflow velocity, the lower the air pressure perpendicular to the air direction. The device is loaded at the bottom of the car, so that the air pressure above the bottom of the air flow pressure, resulting in a pressure difference, so that the car produces a pressure to the ground direction, that is, the so-called increase under pressure, so that the car tires have a good grip.

F1 Racing Team Ferrari's racing 248F1 uses a two-tiered central diffuser from F2005, with a forward-leaning wing piece that divides the central diffuser into the upper and lower parts. It is said that the advantage of this is that it can improve the efficiency of the diffuser when the car is in a low-speed state to get enough under pressure.

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