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Extraction of aromatic essential oil

Distillation, squeezing and extraction, adsorption method. Steam distillation [1] because the equipment is simple, easy to operate, regardless of past and present, the most of the aromatic oil produced at home and abroad is produced by steam distillation, in the future, it is still one of the main methods to produce aromatic oil. However, some aromatic plants can not be processed by steam distillation, what appropriate method should be used, which products, because more factors involved, should be considered comprehensively. Aromatic plants in contact with hot water and steam when the constituents of aromatic plants are mostly heat-sensitive substances, they should be considered first when choosing a processing method.

subcritical (butane, etc.) Low temperature extraction

This method of the whole production process at low temperature, the material nutrients will not be damaged, and high rate of product appearance is better. The quality can be comparable with the supercritical extraction of carbon dioxide. Can form large-scale production, disposable equipment input less. Low production cost.

1, citrus oil using steam distillation of the distillation of citrus oil compared with the squeeze oil, the aroma difference is far, this is because the composition of citrus oil and water vapor contact is very easy to damage, so the distillation of citrus oil quality is poor. Similarly, when the Jasmine is distilled with steam, some components are damaged by heat and therefore cannot be distilled by steam distillation.

2, aroma of aromatic plants in the volatile aroma of some aromatic plants by distillation and can not distill its aroma components, fragrant pod orchid, black fragrant beans, benzoin and so on can not adopt the steam distillation method, the rock rose uses the steam distillation method also only to evaporate the very trace essential oil, but uses the extraction not only the high rate, but also may have the valuable fragrant ingredient to extract. This is because the aroma of this spice plant is poor volatile, only the extraction method.

3, essential oil in the plant tissue of the site and structure containing essential oil and oil sac of citrus peel, its large oil sac, and more in the superficial surface of the skin layer, coupled with the structure of citrus peel is more soft, it is suitable for squeezing oil extraction.

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