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Plastic Optical diffusion uses

1, in the original shade based on the addition of toner, such as barium sulfate, the addition of these particles can make light refraction of light to achieve the role of light diffusion, the effect of the method is not obvious, and the light transmittance is seriously affected. The improvement of this scheme is to convert opaque toner into transparent light diffusion agent and reduce the loss of transmittance, which is adopted by most manufacturers at present.

2, increase the effect of grinding sand, but the effect of light diffusion is limited, the injection of light is not uniform and soft; the scheme is very high in the surface sanding texture control, the uniformity of sand grains directly affects the effect, the industry can achieve very high uniformity of sand grain manufacturers less, the domestic Mianyang Longhua abrasive PC Film has the industry-leading sand grain uniformity.

3, increase the prism, but the light diffusion effect is limited, still can see the dazzling led lamp bead; Longhua thin film on the basis of this scheme, the improved unique surface structure of PC optical diffusion film and sheet material through optimum design

, to achieve higher light spreading effect and uniformity, the power of the LED light bead is greatly enhanced.