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Production method of aromatic essential oil diffuser

The technical scheme of the utility model is to provide an improved aromatic essential oil diffuser, which is provided with a base of an air pump, and a container is inserted on the base, and the lower part of the container is formed spherical, and the container is formed into a storage chamber in relation to the inside of the sphere, which is positioned above the storage chamber to form a necking opening, and the container is located at the bottom of the storage room to extend a guide pipe, which has a guide hole connected with the air pump's gas inlet And the side of the guide pipe is connected with a guide pipe parallel to the guide pipe, the guide tubing central through a guide oil hole, the bottom of the guide pipe near the bottom edge of the storage room, and the top of the guide pipe formed a bend above the guide pipe, so that the guide oil Kongzheng to the top of the air duct, in the container located above the top of the guide pipe, the horizontal concave to the storage chamber to extend beyond the top of the guide pipe.