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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

① Lamp Ring Diffuser

Light rings are usually made of red pottery or brass. Annular, directly on a standard bulb. There is a groove lip on the lantern ring to hold the essential oil. The heat emitted by the bulb can heat the essential oil in the ring, and the essential oil is then slowly diffused into the room.


The light ring is usually very cheap.


If the essential oil drops on the bulb, the bulb may explode. Strange-shaped bulbs cannot be used. High-power bulbs are also not available. Heat may change or destroy certain components of essential oils, so the treatment effect is not as good as the air conditioning diffusion method.

② Red Ceramic diffuser and sandstone diffuser

The red ceramic diffuser and the sandstone diffuser have many names because of their attractive shape and size. Some of the red ceramic diffusers are very much like small pots, which can be fitted with a small amount of essential oils. Usually the opening is closed with a cork. Along the clay pan, the essential oil penetrates slowly and spreads into the room. The concentration of the fragrance depends on the amount of essential oil in the red clay pan or other shape of the diffuser. Sandstone has many small pores, and it is a lovely way to use the sandstone diffuser to spread the essential oil passively.


The clay pot diffuser is cheap, easy to operate and does not require electricity or batteries.


Add the essential oil to the clay pot soon, the fragrance is the most dense, and then over time, slowly fade. Therefore, it is difficult to keep the aroma of the room unchanged.