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Diffusion Oil Other Uses


The diffusion oil can improve the heat and weatherability of polyester, polyamide fiber, and give a certain antistatic effect.

Extenders for pigments and fillers

Diffusion oil as plastic. Pigment dispersant for masterbatch of chemical fiber, such as ABS, PS, pp, polyester masterbatch.

Paint, Ink

When paints and paints are made, the 0.5~1% diffusion oil can enhance the salt mist and moisture-proof effect. Adding the product to the coating can improve the performance of the paint-removing agent and improve the leveling of the baking enamel surface.

In the furniture polishing agent and the printing ink can be used as matting agent.

After micro-powder treatment (particle size: D 50 about 6 μ, D 90 about 12 μm), with excellent abrasion resistance and smoothness, for the paint system to improve the grinding, on the porous surface to improve the degassing, with a high shear dispersion equipment or ball mill into the amount of 0.5~1%, in order to ensure that the full wetting and stirring the particles should be long enough.

In the production of sex products spread oil can be deployed lubricants, cosmetics can be deployed moisturizing factors, but these are to have a reasonable formula to meet.