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Fan Essential Oil Diffuser

Fan diffuser has many sizes, shapes and styles. The principle of fan diffuser is to use the fan to blow the fragrance of essential oil into the air. Using a fan diffuser, you need to put the essential oil on a disposable absorbent mat or a tray. The mat or pallet is placed in a unit and the power supply is turned on. The fan blows the air over the mat or tray, and then brings the aroma to every corner of the room. Fan diffuser size is very small, some diffuser can only spread the fragrance into small space, while others can spread to a larger space.


Fan Diffuser has many brands and styles to choose from. Some can bring fragrance to a large area. Fan diffuser is generally simple to use. Some fan diffusers are powered by electricity and batteries and are easy to carry.


Some fan diffuser because the brand and model needs to buy water absorbent pad replacement, and some noisy very large.

⑤ Electrothermal Essential Oil Diffuser

The Electrothermal diffuser heats the essential oil gently with heat and then spreads the fragrance into the room.


Some brands and styles of electric diffuser can make large areas of fragrance. They can also be more effective in dispersing the fragrance of essential oils, such as the aroma.


Heating may change or disrupt some of the essential oils, and may not be as good as the air conditioning diffusion method.