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Methods Of Making Diffuser For Home Goods

① Simple Tissue Paper Diffuser

Drop 3 to 4 drops of essential oil on a Kleenex. Pick up the Kleenex and walk around the house, and the scent will diffuse into the air.


This method can be used anywhere, and when you can't spread essential oils into a room or a space like in a public place (like an office or on a plane), this is a very good method.


The aroma produced by this method is not able to fill the room.

② Vapor diffusion

Pour the hot water into a bowl and add 10 drops of essential oil to the water. If you want to use essential oils that have a stimulating effect on the mucous membranes (e.g.,,,,, White-Melaleuca), drop a few drops so that your mucous membranes are stimulated. Any time of day or night, it can be used in this way to use the essential oils of the vigor effect or the effect of essential oils. The water vapor heats the essential oil and then the essential oil fills the room quickly.


Can quickly spread essential oil into every corner of the room.


This odor will not be particularly long-lasting. In addition, heating may change or even destroy certain components of essential oils, so the treatment may not be as good as the air conditioning diffusion method.

③ Candle Spread

Ignite a pure soy wax candle, burn for about 5 minutes, then extinguish the candle in the melted wax (not the wick!). Drop a drop of essential oil and then reignite the candle. Essential oils are very flammable, so use this method very carefully.


The method is simple, as long as there are candles can be made.


Essential oils are flammable, so pay special attention to them. The fragrance is not lasting. Heat may alter or destroy certain components of essential oils, and therefore cannot be as effective as using an air conditioner diffuser.

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