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The Main Application Of Diffusion Oil


In many thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics as internal and external sliders, the most representative such as ABS, PS, as, PVC, can also be used in PE, PP, PVAC, cellulose acetate (cellulose, acctate), nylon (Nylon), phenolic resin (pheonolic-resin), amino plastic, and so on, with good finish, membrane-stripping.

In the thermoplastic pur-injection process, the additive also serves as an internal film removal agent, adding a quantity of 0.1~1%.

As a pom lubricant, the added amount is 0.2%, the melt flow rate is improved, the delamination is improved, and the whiteness, thermal stability and various physical indexes of POM are reached the index of excellent grade product.


Synthetic resins and rubber such as yinyl, Polychloroprene, GRS (SBR) in their emulsion to add $number diffusion oil, has a good resistance and caking effect, diffusion oil used in automotive floor mats, drains and other rubber products to increase the surface gloss effect.